Consumers can now make complaints “on-the-go”

Gone are those days when exploited or angry customers from across the country headed down to Sophia, Greater Georgetown, to make a complaint against a business, as the Guyana Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) has launched its first website where persons can among other things, make complaints.

The website – – was officially launched on Wednesday at Herdmanston Lodge, Georgetown. It was dubbed a significant milestone by the Public Relations Officer, Allison Parker as she convened the session.
The new website which is now accessible to all Guyanese will empower them to not only make complaints, but to know their rights as customers.

Allison explained, “People want to have an easy, accessible mode of getting information… businesses, investors and consumers can easily check the CCAC website where the legislation for both the competition and the Fair-Trading Act and the Consumer Affairs Act are posted”.

This will allow for businesses and investors to check their compliance and other things, as was discussed. The website seeks to promote sensitisation among customers who will now be able to know their rights which will enable them to make informed choices or decisions.

“The website is part of the Commission’s broader objectives of embracing digital technology… the website is a window to the world and allows the world to see us,” Chairman Ronald Burch-Smith said.
According to him, the site will permit staffers to reach all customers and listen to their complaints, while in person, it would be a more time-consuming process.

He added that he hopes the site can serve as an effective one to make a transformative Commission.
It was related that it took the technical team about one month to develop the website. Persons who wish to make a complaint on the CCAC’s website can do so by going on the website, clicking on the ‘Complaint Forms’ option at the top of the screen and proceed to enter personal information such as name, date of complaint, age and telephone number among others, so the Commission can contact the aggrieved customer while investigating.

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