The Consumer Affairs Unit

Overview of the Consumer Affairs Unit

The Consumer Affairs Unit (CAU) of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission is charged with the Legal mandate of administering and enforcing the Consumer Affairs Act #13, 2011 (CAA) with purview of  durable goods and services.  The Consumer Affairs Act protects consumers from being unfairly treated by businesses and also provides a legal framework by which businesses can utilize to pattern their modus operandi.

The Unit, in its effort to bring the business community into compliance, inclusive of enforcement of the CAA, incorporates awareness methods that advocates the importance of building a viable consumer–supplier relationship predicated on the theme “value for money”.

Key Responsibilities of the Consumer Affairs Unit

Our responsibilities as a consumer protection body extend beyond the investigative and adjudicative phases. We have strived to become a proactive organization that can create an impact on the behavioral pattern of both consumers and suppliers.  In furthering our objectives, the unit’s key responsibilities are inclusive of:

  • Investigating consumer complaints with respect to violations of the Consumer Affairs Act.
  • Assisting in the development of an informed, responsible and discerning consuming public.
  • Monitoring the legislative environment to ensure effective safeguard of consumer rights.
  • Creating a climate for understanding the role of Government in protecting consumer interests.
  • Promoting and ensuring compliance with quality standards for consumer goods and services.
  • Providing the enabling environment and institutional support that would create avenues for consumer education and redress.
  • Adopting code of ethics, which relate to consumer practices.
  • Constantly conducting outreach programs and campaigns, which also includes collecting, collating and disseminating information on matters affecting the interests of consumers.
  • Product Safety and Recalls