CCAC warns of fake brands of smart devices

In response to the online teaching and learning initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for computers, tablets and other similar devices has increased. However, the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) is warning citizens to be aware of unscrupulous suppliers and store owners who are duping consumers with false and misleading claims about the brands and capabilities of the devices.

The CCAC said that it has received several reports of suppliers misrepresenting tablets as that of the Samsung brand with the capacity to download the apps necessary to access several of the online learning platforms. However, the devices were unable to do so. In this regard, it is urging consumers to carefully research before investing in the purchase of any of these devices, to buy only from reputable businesses or the official local representatives of the advertised brands.
The Commission also wishes to remind consumers that if they believe they have bought an item that was falsely marketed as an original brand to make an immediate complaint for redress. CCAC can be contacted on telephone number 219-4410 or at to file that complaint.
The Commission assured that it is working in close collaboration to determine the authenticity of items and to apply the Consumer Affairs Act, Part 4 which addresses unfair trade practices, misleading or deceptive conduct, misleading public as to the nature etc of goods or services and false representation

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