Consumer Affairs Commission tells shoppers to be aware during Christmas shopping

Kaieteur News – Consumers all across Guyana are reminded to be mindful of their rights under the Consumer Affairs Act 2011, as they go about their shopping for the Christmas season.
The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (CCAC) yesterday also call on suppliers to conform to their obligations under the same act. “During and following the Christmas season, the Commission recognizes a spike in queries and complaints from consumers. To avoid being cheated, the CCAC advises shoppers to ensure that they are provided with receipts as their proof of purchase, read and understand every detail of any contract before signing, insist on warranties and your right to refunds on returns, inspect goods before purchase, research products and services before making the final decision to purchase.”
The Commission also implored suppliers to desist from unfair trade practices by avoiding engagements in deceptive or misleading conduct, which includes, insincere and alluring advertising and promotions.
“Suppliers should also avoid providing,” the release said, “false information on the nature, manufacturing process, characteristics, suitability for a purpose and quantity of goods and services. Suppliers should also refrain from displaying the ‘No Refund’ signs or refuse to offer refunds on returns as guided by the conditions under the Consumer Affairs Act.”
Consumers can seek advice and redress from the Commission by calling 219-4410-3 or visit the website at